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1988/ Bachelor of Fine Arts                    

Moore College of Art and Design

Philadelphia, PA


2008 Four Seasons, MauI, HI "Big Island”

2009 Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA “Lone Ranger"      

2009 Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA "Tonto" 

1995 Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA “Fallen Angels”

1994 The Wallace Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA "Fallen Angels”



2015 All Over the Map, Essentia Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015 Home on the Range, Seahorse Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2015 Home on the Range, Mark White Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2015 Home on the Range, Porch Gallery, Ojai

2013 Home of the Range, La Junta Gallery, Santa Fe , NM

2012 Roots, Wallspace Gallery, LA, CA

2012 On Sacred Ground, Jeanette Williams Fine Art,  Sante Fe, NM

2011 On Sacred Ground, Wallspace Gallery,  Santa Barbara, CA

2010 Heroes, Market St. Gallery, Venice, CA

2008 On Sacred Ground, Erika Carter Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA    

2007 The Greatest  Show, Santa Barbara, CA

2006 Big Island, Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, CA

2006 Big Island, Barbara Fritche Gallery, Ojai, CA

2005 Goddess, Caruso/Woods Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2004 Superheroes, Museum of Comics, NY, NY

2004 Out of Focus, Palm Loft Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2004 The Box, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, A

2003 Escape, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Monterey, CA

2003 Escape, Art Resources, Santa Barbara, CA

2002 Larger than Life, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Monterey, CA

2002 Larger than Life, Fototeka, Hollywood, CA                   

2001 AKA, The Gallery, Hollywood, CA

2000 Forbidden Colors, Perch Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

1998 Moments in Time, The Great Hall Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA




2015 Winner Exposure Award, Louvre, Paris, France

2012 Heroes, Orange County Contemporary Museum

2010 Heroes, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia

2008 Dolls, Contemporary Arts Forum             

2007 Made in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Museum of Art

2005 Buddha Abides, Caruso Woods Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2005 Pool Party, Nathan Larimendy Gallery,Ojai, CA

2004 Heroes, Orange County Museum of Art

2004 Blur, Santa Barbara, CA

2003 Faculty Show, Ridley Tree Education Ctr., Santa Barbara

2002 I am, Univ. Calif. Santa Barbara, CA

2001 A Woman’s Journey, Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

2001 Small Images, Santa Barbara City College

2000 Words & Pictures, Larson Dolman Gallery, Philadelphia, CA

2000 S.B. Ad Federation, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara

1998 Sense and Sensuality, Museum of Arts, Los Angeles, CA

1997 Lifestyles, Palm Springs, CA

1997 Out Film Festival, Director’s Guild, West Hollywood, CA

1996 UN Angel Passé, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

1995 Table of Contents, Desmond Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

1995 Un Angel Passé, Westmont College, Santa Barbara,

1992 Rated X, Neikrug Photographic, New York, NY

1992 Issues of Choice, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition,

1991 The First Fifty, The Women’s Center Gallery, U.C.S.B., 1985 Metals and                        Mixed Media MIT Gallery, Boston, MA






2015 International Exposure Award     Louvre, Paris

2015 Winner 4 th Round                      Artslant

2001 Best of Show                               Small Images Show” SBCC

2000 Community Artist Grant               Santa Barbara CA

2000 1st Place                                      Medical Marketing Association

2000 2nd Place                                     Communicators Annual report competition

1997 Top 100 Photographers               Ernst Haas-”The Golden Light Awards”

                                                                            New York, NY

1995 First Place                                    Un Angel Passe

                                                                            Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

1993 Humanitarian Award                     Pacific Pride Foundation





2015   Huffington Post, Los Angeles

2014   The Magazine, Santa Fe

2012   Santa Barbara Magazine

2008   Santa Barbara Seasons

2004   Santa Barbara Magazine

2004   Los Angeles Times

2000   Cover/Moore College of Art and Design Magazine

1997   Art Collector International




Mark White Gallery                         Santa Fe, NM

Wallspace LA                                  Los Angeles, CA

Katherine Goodnight                       Austin, TX




University of Santa Barbara California

University of Santa Cruz California

Pacifica Institute

Fielding Institute

Brooks Institute of Photography

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Contemporary Arts Forum

Lisa Coscino Gallery

Fototeka Gallery

Erika Carter Gallery

Janette Williams Fine Art Gallery

Wallspace LA
Wallspace Santa Barbara

Philadelphia College of Art and Design

Los Angeles Museum of Art






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